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Arctic Monkey Turner Has Lyrics Nicked
The Quietus , May 14th, 2009 07:48

Also endorses high-end notebooks

Somewhere there's a thieving scunner wandering around quoting pleasing couplets in the style of George Formby. For it's emerged that Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner was forced to go back to the lyrical drawing board after a thief ran off with all the words for the band's third album.

"I got my bag robbed six months ago, I lost this notebook," Turner told "I lost loads."

But all was not lost, as Turner went and splashed the cash on some fancy new writing materials. "I went the morning after and brought a couple of Moleskines and sat around for a couple of hours trying to remember it all. But I found the whole process made me write more things, complete things that I wouldn't have otherwise."