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Has David Cameron Inspired Rave Turn For Coldplay?
The Quietus , April 29th, 2009 10:43

New material 160bpm shocker!

Yesterday The Quietus reported that David Cameron might have a secret past as a gurning boxmaker. Now, it emerges that Coldplay, similarly polite nice boys with a pretty penny in the bank, are rolling a fat one in the studio.

According to The Sun, the dance direction has been led by drummer Will Champion is leading the way to a bright new dawn. "The lads are still on a creative roll in the studio and Will is bringing lots of ideas to the table," a 'source' told the rag.

"He's got a new drum machine and has been having a lot of fun pushing it to its limits. His most recent offering is turbo-charged, to say the least, but the lads have been having a great time working with it.

"Will has got a track in seven-four time that he’s working on, 99 per cent of rock music is based around the standard four-four time signature.

"It's only the most adventurous of jazz people who compose anything with such an irregular beat. But he’s pressing forward with it."