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Mark Stewart To Sing Over Rare Elvis Tapes
David Moats , May 1st, 2009 09:51

Pop Group founder to shout on top of Elvis Gospel mash up.

Mark Stewart, founding member of The Pop Group and The Maffia, made some intriguing but cryptic remarks to journalists earlier this week about "coming into possession of some rare Elvis tapes". He went on to explain that they are actually owned by Nina '9 Red Balloons' Haagen, who he presumably met in Berlin where he currently resides.

Stewart, who has admited a soft spot for old-time rock 'n' roll and emotive gospel music, explained that these were Elvis's Gospel recordings. Stewart said he would like to mash up the tapes and sing over them. Stewart used to take home the raw tapes from Maffia recording sessions and overdub them beyond recognation - a collage process he likened to an aural Kurt Schwitters sculpture.

He concluded these remarks by saying "I probably shouldn't be telling you this."