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Gang Of Four: "Fat Men" Says Pop Group
David Moats , April 29th, 2009 10:15

Founding member of The Pop Group and The Maffia, Mark Stewart claims band will reform and announces future collaborations with Massive Attack, Richard H. Kirk and Keith Levene

At a Q&A session last night following the world premier of his documentary On/Off, Mark Stewart announced that seminal post-punk-funk band The Pop Group might reform for a future ATP.

As he put it: "That kid from ATP has been bugging me for ages, offering me thousands of pounds to reform The Pop Group". Quickly dispelling any notions that the politically charged singer would be selling out and cashing in like so many of his musical peers, he added "There are too many fat men like Gang of Four trying to get attention these days."

Stewart explained that he would instead use ATP as a mass media platform for promoting his subversive message - "An explosion in the heart of the commodity".

The documentary features footage of Stewart recording with Massive Attack on their forthcoming album. He also claimed to be working with Cabaret Voltaire's Richard H. Kirk and former PiL, Sex Pistols and Clash guitarist Keith Levene.