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Blur & Oasis Excluded From Britpop Comp
The Quietus , April 29th, 2009 08:55

Three disc set out soon

Universal Records have compiled a massive compilation to mark the 15th anniversary of Britpop. And it's rather good, actually.

Blur and Oasis are notable by their absence on Common People, which features cuts from The Auteurs, Pulp, Suede and the Super Furry Animals. Northern Uproar also feature, but hey, this is a historical document — you couldn't write about the history of the French wig without discussing how the advent of the guillotine was the French Revolution's descent into barbarism. Like much of the material on the third disc, Northern Uproar are akin to the soldiers and the instruments of The Terror.


The Auteurs – 'Lenny Valentino'
Elastica – 'Stutter'
Gene – 'Be My Light Be My Guide'
Stone Roses – 'Love Spreads'
James – 'Laid'
Dodgy – 'Staying Out For the Summer'
Saint Etienne – 'You’re In A Bad Way'
Dubstar – 'Stars'
Black Grape – 'In The Name Of The Father'
Duffy – 'London Girls'
Marion – 'Sleep'
These Animal Men – 'Speeed King'
SMASH – 'Shame'
Cast – 'Alright'
Bluetones – 'Slight Return'
Perfume – 'Lover'
Boo Radleys – 'Wake Up Boo'
Menswear – 'Daydreamer'


Pulp – 'Common People'
Supergrass – 'Alright'
Sleeper – 'Inbetweener'
Echobelly – 'Great Things'
Powder – 'Afrodisiac'
Northern Uproar – 'Rollercoaster'
Paul Weller – 'Thechangingman'
Divine Comedy – 'Something For The Weekend'
Baby Bird – 'You’re Gorgeous'
My Life Story – '12 Reasons Why'
Denim – 'It Fell Off The Back Of A Van'
Kula Shaker – 'Tattva'
Mansun – 'Wide Open Space'
Salad – 'Drink The Elixir'
Placebo – 'Nancy Boy'
Longpigs – 'She Said'
Ocean Colour Scene – 'Riverboat Song'
Shed Seven – 'Chasing Rainbows'


Super Furry Animals – 'God! Show Me Magic'
Suede – 'Trash'
Kenickie – 'In Your Car'
theaudience – 'A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed'
Catatonia – 'Mulder & Scully'
Space – 'Female Of The Species'
Embrace – 'All You Good Good People'
Gomez – 'Whippin’ Piccadilly'
Geneva – 'Into the Blue'
Rialto – 'Monday Morning 5:19'
Seahorses – 'Love Is the Law'
Hurricane no.1 – 'Step Into My World'
Monaco – 'What Do You Want From Me'
Spearmint – 'Sweeping The Nation'
Lodger – 'Always Round Here'
Earl Brutus – 'SAS And The Glam That Goes With It'
Stereophonics – 'Bartender & The Thief'
Gay Dad – 'Oh Jim'