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No New Oasis Album For Five Years
The Quietus , April 23rd, 2009 08:20

Let the people rejoice...

Stop the clocks: Noel Gallagher has declared that there won't be a new Oasis record for five years.

The guitarist, who is currently working on material for a solo album, said all the members of the band would "be five years older" when the next Oasis record sees the light of day.

He said: "The last three albums have been three years in between, but I see it as likely to be longer this time. We've arrived at the point I wanted to be at from when Gem [Archer] and Andy [Bell] joined the band.

"And the last time we did that was at the end of Be Here Now, and we rushed the next album [Standing On the Shoulder of Giants]. There was no inspiration on it.

"By the time we make another record we'll be five years older. It [will] be really interesting for fans of the band to see how each individual makes up the whole."