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My Bloody Valentine Reveal "Different Approach"
The Quietus , April 17th, 2009 12:57

New album details begin to emerge

Kevin Shields has been speaking about My Bloody Valentine's plans for new material.

Talking to the Dallas Observer "After the end of August, we'll have a radical change."

New Acoustic Movement Direction! Possibly. Asked to elaborate, Shields said, "Everything" would be changing. "Line-up, we might expand a bit. In that respect, we'll add another member to the group, just to do more stuff. And sound-wise, absolutely. You know, it'll be... Taking a different approach."

"It's a bit more expansive, I suppose," he went on to say, explaining that there's an American folk dimension to what MBV are now doing. "That style of folk-blues music, I would say is weirdly enough like Loveless. That style of songwriting, where you have the verses and then the instrumental breaks. I suppose, if I were to say there's any kind of music in the world that feels really natural to me, it's that kind. Not just folk-blues, but folk music in general.

Explaining where his inspiration came from, Shields said, "I go through phases where I'm really into something for a few months or a year, then I don't really listen to it for years. I couldn't really say anything in particular. The smallest things have the biggest influences on me sometimes. I'll see something on television, or hear something, and I'll just have this moment of realization that stays with me forever. And it really is something that happens in a few seconds, and has a massive impact."