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Trading Faces: 10 Body-Switching Movies
David Bax , April 17th, 2009 03:36

As the insipid-looking Zach Efron vehicle 17 Again threatens to invade our cinemas, David Bax from the Battleship Pretension podcast looks back on the often overlooked (and rightly so) body-switching film genre.


Bad Body-Switching

5. 18 Again!

Surprisingly, not related to the new Zac Efron film. Technically, the jury's still out on that one. No, this one features a little bit of George Burns and a whole lot of a young guy trying to act like George Burns, who has taken over his 18 year old body. This is a PG-rated movie which happens to feature full-frontal female nudity and Pauly Shore in a secondary role. Sadly, most of the kids who saw this back in 1988 wouldn't have appreciated the former nearly enough and would have appreciated the later entirely too much.