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Back From the Dead: The Best Resurrection Films For Easter
The Quietus , April 9th, 2009 09:45


E.T. The Extra-terrestrial_

Resurrectee: E.T
Time Spent Dead: Unclear, but appears to die when spiritual link with Elliott is broken
Means of Resurrection: Elliott notices the flowers E.T. revived earlier blooming again and realises that his alien buddy is still alive
Side Effects: n/a

E.T. is one of the most emotionally manipulative films of all time and this feigned death-resurrection is the most tear-jerky bit. Spielberg's uses his formidable bag of filmic tricks, especially the score, to play the audience like a weepy accordion. Try watching one of the many Youtube clips set to the insipid Neil Diamond song 'Heartlight' and you'll realize how rampantly sentimental it really is.