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Back From the Dead: The Best Resurrection Films For Easter
The Quietus , April 9th, 2009 09:45


It's a Wonderful Life

Resurrectee: George Bailey
Time Spent Dead: Two hours
Means of Resurrection: Angelic intervention
Side Effects: Will provoke in most people an urge to start weeping like a child when watched after too much Xmas eggnog.

The feel good movie by which all other feel good movies are judged and are found (almost universally) to be lacking. All round good guy George Bailey puts his life on hold so he can help the people of Bedford Falls by running a family friendly building and loan business. Due to the machinations of the evil millionaire Mr Potter it seems his business will fail and he attempts to commit suicide on Christmas Eve believing he has let down his family and friends. A friendly angel (second class) then shows Bailey exactly how bad life would have been without him around. No, we're not crying, there's just dust in our eyes.