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Back From the Dead: The Best Resurrection Films For Easter
The Quietus , April 9th, 2009 09:45


A Matter of Life and Death aka Stairway to Heaven

Resurrectee: Peter Carter
Time Spent Dead: 20 minutes
Means of Resurrection: Angelic intervention
Side Effects: Causing a frightful to do in heaven.

Powell and Pressburger’s timeless classic tells the story of Peter Carter (a none more suave David Niven) a Wellington bomber captain who is about to die crashing into the sea after a war time raid. His guardian angel however, a Frenchman, loses him in the fog and Carter lives on to fall in love, he then needs to convince a jury of Americans in heaven why he should be allowed a second chance at life. The film, perhaps, says more about English attitudes to other nations than it does about metaphysical matters.