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Back From the Dead: The Best Resurrection Films For Easter
The Quietus , April 9th, 2009 09:45


Crank: High Voltage

Resurrectee: Chev Chelios
Time Spent Dead: Not long after hitting the ground in the first film
Means of Resurrection: A gang of organ harvesting Chinese doctors take his heart and temporarily replace it, only to have him wake up on the operating table.
Side Effects: Must continually shock his mechanical heart into beating to stay alive. Also apparently cured of the fatal poison which would have killed him at the end of the last film had he not fallen out of a helicopter.

Crank: High Voltage, which comes out next week, was one of the more enjoyable of the new breed of cartoonishly amoral actions films, all though not nearly as tongue-in-cheek as the hilarious Shoot 'em Up. In the first film, Chev had to keep his Adrenalin pumping with a mix of drugs, sex and violence. Hopefully toping up his pacemaker will prove just as fun.