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Back From the Dead: The Best Resurrection Films For Easter
The Quietus , April 9th, 2009 09:45



Resurrectee: Sethe's daughter (who she killed to save her from slavery)
Time Spent Dead: Several years
Means of Resurrection: Appears on her front lawn wearing all black
Side Effects: Burning passion to make Sethe's life a living hell: getting pregnant by her boyfriend, walking around naked, demanding gifts in reparation for being killed.

This adaptation of Toni Morrison's famous book is a harrowing watch (although not as harrowing as some of her other books would be in movie form). Anything involving swinging babies by the ankles is bound to be a rough ride. Beloved, played by a young Thandie Newton, is all the more unnerving because she is more flesh and blood than poltergeist and bares the scars of her mom's infanticide.