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The Best Hollywood Hoaxes for April Fool's Day
David Moats , March 31st, 2009 11:08

In honour of April Fool's Day, The Quietus collects the best Hollywood Hoaxes: from Joaquin's beard to Marilyn's letters; from the Hollywood makeup artists who made Bigfoot to Kubrick's moon landing; from electric shocks in the cinema to faux documentaries with Herzog; it's all here.


Marilyn Monroe's Forged Letters

The revelation that hand-typed letters to the Kennedys from the late Hollywood legend –famously published in Vanity Fair – were fabricated was a big blow to the well-respected publication. As some suggested, the culprits may have gotten their inspiration from the then recent Richard Gere film Hoax, a mostly true account of one writer's daring attempt to forge the autobiography of the reclusive Howard Hughes (while he was still alive no less) - a mostly excellent film which would have made it onto this list if it were a hoax of a movie instead of a movie of a hoax.