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The Best Hollywood Hoaxes for April Fool's Day
David Moats , March 31st, 2009 11:08

In honour of April Fool's Day, The Quietus collects the best Hollywood Hoaxes: from Joaquin's beard to Marilyn's letters; from the Hollywood makeup artists who made Bigfoot to Kubrick's moon landing; from electric shocks in the cinema to faux documentaries with Herzog; it's all here.


Joaquin Phoenix's Hip-hop Career

Only time will tell if Joaquin Phoenix's much talked about career change and decision to sport a 'recession beard' represents the very public meltdown of an actor at the height of his powers or, as speculated by Empire among others, a mockumentary hoax in collusion with Casey Affleck. For now, his appearance on David Letterman is just a bit unsettling in its ambiguity. If it is a hoax then it will be a quite incredible send up of the arrogance of celebrities who think they can easily switch professions and of our celebrity obsessed culture that revels in the misfortune of people like Jade, Britney and Amy Winehouse.