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The Damned United & A Handful Of Non-Shit Sports Films
Taylor Parkes , March 24th, 2009 11:25

The Damned United is a lightweight version of David Peace's dark character study of football manager Brian Clough. Taylor Parkes picks apart this flawed football flick. Plus Jeremy Allen compiles a gallery of 10 sports films that weren't shit.


The Firm

Movies related to football have a tendency to circumnavigate credibility like Roy Race going around a defender, and none more so than Green Street, that cast Frodo Baggins as a West Ham firm hardman. I.D. was a noble stab at the same topic, but ultimately implausible. Neither of these movies can hold a blunt instrument to Alan Clarke's gritty 1988 portrayal of football violence, The Firm, with Gary Oldman in scintillating form as a psychotic football hooligan leading a double life (and possibly moonlighting as a David Seaman lookalike). Oldman is strangely magnetic and detestable at the same time, in a grim but realistic and eminently watchable piece.