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Fake Bono Strikes Again
The Quietus , March 11th, 2009 08:27

Impostor plays acoustic set in Miami restaurant

A man purporting to be U2 singer Bono performed to star-struck fans in Miami recently.

The fraud called in at restaurant Bin No. 18 dressed in twattish glasses and too much jewellery before borrowing the owner’s acoustic guitar to run through a four song-set.

“At first it was really quiet,” onlooker Sandra Novas told the Miami Herald.

“Then the entire restaurant was singing along.”

When asked, Fake Bono explained that the track, ‘With or Without You’, was a very personal song about Jesus. Another told him she’d lost her virginity while listening to the empathy magnet.

“Well, you put it to good use,” came the reply. Fake Bono also put U2’s longevity down to the band’s “vision”, before being told that it was “incredible what you do in the world with your humanitarian efforts. You spread so much love and peace!”

“There’s so much love in this room right now,” Fake Bono replied, before tucking into a cheese platter and sipping at Pinot Noir.

The cad paid up and left around midnight, signing the words “Todo es posible con Jesus” on the owner’s guitar and leaving a tip described by the Herald as “mediocre”.

Despite the lengths gone to by the mimic, suspicion is falling on the shoulders of Bono impersonator Pavel Sfera, with much of the Bono impersonating community pointing fingers his way.

Sfera has pulled stunts like these before, taking to the streets of New York in 2007 to hug fans and have his photo taken by Japanese tourists.