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Grizzly Bear Give Away Foreign Born MP3
The Quietus , March 7th, 2009 07:29

Free music this way...

The US indie rock fraternity lives in greater fear of leaks than a papier-mache Dutchman under a dyke during a fierce southerly - these people who live on blogs don't do anything so vulgar as pay for music now, do they?

But sometimes there's the chance to allow a little leak, a clear and crystalline dribble of goodness into the the green reclaimed internet pastures. And so it is that Secretly Canadian have brought to our attention that Ed from Grizzly Bear has put a track by LA's Foreign Born onto the Grizzly Bear blog.

Download Foreign Born's 'Vacationing People' here.

Writing on his blog, Ed Droste writes, "So this hasn’t leaked. I hope it won’t leak too soon, but it has been leaked to my ears, and I’ve been granted permission to share a track by the lovely men behind Foreign Born. I was pretty vocal about my love for their last album On the Wing Now, and this time around it’s even better. I gotta say, something about the production of this album is really doing it for me. Crisper sounds, and Matt’s voice sounds wonderful. This track 'Vacationing People' is a lovely little pop gem, and it’s not even scraping the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the album. I hope that you all enjoy the song and check these guys out."