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Gran Torino And The Death Of The American Hero
David Moats , February 20th, 2009 14:28

Gran Torino, Clint's last acting role, sees an old-school Eastwood hero faced with the complex and sensitive issue of inner city gangs. Dave Moats wonders if he's he up to the task. Plus a gallery of cinematic swan songs.


Marilyn Monroe

Reason for leaving cinema:
Drug overdose / suicide / murder (depending on who you ask)

Final Film: The Misfits
Although Marilyn worked on one more film, Something's Got to Give, The Misfits was her final completed role. It is one of her finest bits of acting and earned her a Golden Globe. She certainly could draw inspiration for her character from her car crash of a personal life, including her recently derailed marriage to Arthur Miller who wrote the script.