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Gran Torino And The Death Of The American Hero
David Moats , February 20th, 2009 14:28

Gran Torino, Clint's last acting role, sees an old-school Eastwood hero faced with the complex and sensitive issue of inner city gangs. Dave Moats wonders if he's he up to the task. Plus a gallery of cinematic swan songs.


John Wayne

Reason for leaving cinema:
Although it is has not been conclusively proven, legend has it that John Wayne contracted terminal cancer while filming The Conqueror in Utah in close proximity to former nuclear testing sites across the Nevada border. Of the 220 people working on the project, 91 died of cancer within 25 years of the filming.

Final Film: The Shootist
Ironically, in The Shootist Wayne portrays an old gunslinger who is himself dying of cancer, which is extra creepy because, at the time of filming, Wayne's cancer appeared to be in remission. The film even features clips from Wayne's earlier films posing as flashbacks - you don't get more 'swan song' than that. He died 3 years later.