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Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Bizarre Love Triangles on Film
David Moats , February 10th, 2009 09:21

Don't call it a comeback. Dave Moats explains how Woody Allen's much hyped 'return to form' succeeds despite the filmmaker's considerable legacy hanging over the proceedings. Plus The Quietus collects 10 more bizarre love triangles captured on screen.


The Doom Generation

While two girls at once is every guy's fantasy, the two-boys-and-a-girl variety of threeway is a hard sell for the average guy. There is the danger of accidental 'gay' contact or letting your male territorial / jealous instincts get the better of you. Even if you're not 'into that sort of thing', Greg Araki and his awesome cast make the two-blokes threeway into a tantalising promise. It also features some of the most ridiculous cartoonish violence ever captured on screen and numerous quotables from Rose McGowan like: "You're just a life support system for a cock". Brilliant.