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Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Bizarre Love Triangles on Film
David Moats , February 10th, 2009 09:21

Don't call it a comeback. Dave Moats explains how Woody Allen's much hyped 'return to form' succeeds despite the filmmaker's considerable legacy hanging over the proceedings. Plus The Quietus collects 10 more bizarre love triangles captured on screen.


The Dreamers

A love triangle founded upon incest, although the incestuous aspect is limited to kissing and sexual dares and the homoerotic aspect is limited to communal bathing. So really it's just a healthy relationship with a creepy brother mincing about in the background. Disappointingly, the message of the film seems to be that such sexual indiscretions, like 60s radical politics, are youthful endeavours that you'll grow out of at some point.