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Valkyrie: Riding Roughshod Over History?
Luke Turner , January 23rd, 2009 05:31

We've come to expect Hollywood to rewrite history, says Luke Turner. But in the case of Von Stauffenberg, the mono-armed, cycloptic plotter who tried to blow up Hitler, is there even space to do this?


The Battle Of Algiers
The Scene of Battle: Algerian War of Independence 1954-1962 between the National Liberation Front and French paramilitary.

Behind Enemy Lines: Whether you consider the Algerian terrorists or the colonial French to be the so called enemy, you are allowed to see both sides. Both commit atrocities and there are no innocents.

Trivia: The film was banned for many years in France because, despite being fairly balanced in its portrayal of the conflict, it was heavily subsidised by the Algerian Government.