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The Ten Best Metal Guitarists In The World - The Director's Cut
Joel McIver , January 22nd, 2009 04:01

Gentleman of rock Joel McIver has written a book about the best metal fret manglers ever. Exclusively for The Quietus he engages his swollen hippocampus and picks out 10 of the best. Let the bloodshed commence! (Just don't call him ass hat.)


MAX CAVALERA (Sepultura, Soulfly)

Most Can’t-Play-Solos Guitarist

FACTOID! His father was a diplomat.

Max Cavalera would have earned himself a place much higher up my list if he’d ever bothered to learn to play lead. Admitting that his strengths lie elsewhere, the sometime Sepultura frontman has made a career-long point of removing the top E and B strings from his guitars, focusing on rhythm parts and experimental sounds with a range of effects. A highly acrimonious split in 1996 led to Cavalera founding Soulfly and spending some years in the nu-metal doldrums before rediscovering his passion for extremity and taking that band back to fast, violent territory.

Check it out: Beneath The Remains