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The Ten Best Metal Guitarists In The World - The Director's Cut
Joel McIver , January 22nd, 2009 04:01

Gentleman of rock Joel McIver has written a book about the best metal fret manglers ever. Exclusively for The Quietus he engages his swollen hippocampus and picks out 10 of the best. Let the bloodshed commence! (Just don't call him ass hat.)



Most Machine-Like Guitarist

FACTOID! His middle name is Alan.
Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones is often described as the world’s best rhythm guitarist. While this is hard to demonstrate, given the impossible mastery that the title implies, it’s easier to nominate Keef’s counterpart in the heavy metal world. The most accomplished rhythm player anywhere in metal or its subgenres is Metallica frontman James Hetfield. James’ unbelievably precise downstrokes make him sound like some kind of single-minded robot, producing a perfectly taut sound which makes heavy metal sound not brash or rude or sexy, but like the future.

Check it out: ‘Disposable Heroes’