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The Ten Best Metal Guitarists In The World - The Director's Cut
Joel McIver , January 22nd, 2009 04:01

Gentleman of rock Joel McIver has written a book about the best metal fret manglers ever. Exclusively for The Quietus he engages his swollen hippocampus and picks out 10 of the best. Let the bloodshed commence! (Just don't call him ass hat.)


JIM MARTIN (Faith No More) Most Living Legend Guitarist FACTOID! He was in Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey.
A guitarist with an effortless grasp of textural riffage, ‘Big’ Jim Martin is an alternative-rock icon and metal guru. His band, Faith No More, may be the most missed of all groups: their split in 1998 deprived the scene of a unique, hard-to-define force. As FNM were a truly uncategorisable band, indulging in easy listening, pop-rock, funk-metal and other technically challenging styles, Martin – who normally revelled in a hugely boosted guitar tone, mixed high in the sound – developed an economy of style that gave his relatively infrequent riffs huge presence. Check it out: ‘Everything’s Ruined’