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Kid Sister To Do Bad Thing With Usher
Alex Denney , January 8th, 2009 10:32

Chicago rapper Kid Sister has made plain her intentions to "fart" on Usher in retribution for his recent single 'Trading Places'.

Sister's clubby hip-hop stylings carry more than a faint whiff of prime Salt N' Pepa and look set to be big in 2009 with the delayed release of her Dream Date LP in Spring.

Now the plain-speaking MC has spoken out on her disdain for the Atlanta, Georgia singer's hit track in an interview with Pitchfork.

"The only thing on the radio I can't stand right now is that Usher song 'Trading Places'," says Sister. "I fucking hate that song. It's like he's going on a date with a dude or something - he just sounds like a nerd.

"I can't stand dudes singing about normal, everyday shit - unless it's R. Kelly. It's like, [sings, R. Kelly-style] "I checked my voice mail and got two messages...I need to pick up printer paper at Office Max." If you want to do that type of thing, you have to be insane. You can't just talk about boring shit."

Very funny that. And the coup de grace:

"I'm gonna fart on Usher! Don't print that...actually it's ok. He deserves it!"

On the subject of her album being delayed, Sister 'fessed up: "It's always been up to me. You only get one shot...unless you're, like, Rihanna and do Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded. I don't live in that world so, gosh darn golly gee willikers, it better be good...

"There were a few things about the album that irked me, I couldn't sleep at all. I didn't think it sounded bad but I want it to be a reflection of the chemistry between me and my boyfriend and my friends and family. That sounds cheesy but don't judge me."

That boyfriend happens to be Kanye West tour DJ A-Trak, whose own Fool's Gold label releases Dream Date in March.