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Wasted Weller "Howls" Hendrix
The Quietus , December 30th, 2008 10:34

Pub sing-along horrific, say witnesses

Paul Weller has apparently narrowly avoided a trip to the drunk tank after booze-fuelled revelry in Prague with his new 23 year-old love left them both sprawled semi-conscious on the pavement. Luckily enough, it was all caught on camera.

Part of the grainy footage handed to The Sun shows a refreshed Weller attempting to sing a Hendrix song with unimpressed pub guitarist Brad Huff.

Huff, who hadn't heard of the Modfather, accurately reported: "He was really terrible. I told him he couldn’t sing. He was just kind of howling."

The incoherent pair stumbled out of the Little Whale Pub and collapsed on the floor outside, with local police later "half carrying" the tired and emotional Weller back to the hotel they assumed was his.