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Cinematic Santas - The Least Convincing And Naughtiest Santas on Film
The Quietus , December 18th, 2008 09:51

In the spirit of humbuggery, The Quietus looks at some of the worst excuses for Santa ever to disgrace the silver screen, and provides Top Trumps-style stats on their performance. Whether they're slightly implausible or just plain evil, this bunch is a disgrace to the ruddy uniform.


How The Grinch Stole Christmas - Anti-Santa
The Grinch certainly doesn't cut a very convincing Santa-figure in either the faithfully animated '60s version or completely un-called for Jim Carrey live action version. At least his bag of presents is plausibly planet sized, containing all the town's gifts as it does.

Ability to severely inconvenience Christmas: 2/10
Accuracy of reindeer accomplice: 2/10
Attempt at a beard: 0/10