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The Quietus' Reductive & Subjective Albums Of The Year List: 14 to One
The Quietus , December 9th, 2008 08:22

The Quietus finishes our countdown of the very best albums of 2008. Who will make the top?


4: British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music?
"From the Saturday afternoon wrestling halls of England to feral cats in abandoned forts in Cornwall; from Sodom to Canvey Island; from Johnny Kingdom deerstalking on Exmoor and Joe Meek in his bathroom, to splitting a pill and sharing a smile with our new Eastern European neighbours; with their third album British Sea Power embarked upon a rich psychogeographical journey through a thoroughly modern age Britain. That it took a preoccupation with a past age to get there – a Boy’s Own wanderlust world of camouflage and kerosene lamps and lashings of real ale - made it somehow all the more spectacular.

Dragging rock ‘n’ roll from the rural and out into the true folk heartland where it belongs, this was plugged-in rock music at its most literate. When future historians want to dig deep into British life at the dawn of a new age, the answers will be found here in songs like 'A Trip Out', 'No Lucifer', 'Waving Flags' and 'Atom', soaring anthems one and all - songs to leave you dizzy and ruddy-cheeked like a skinny dip in a moon-lit fresh water stream, songs that blow away the cobwebs of ennui and cynicism like a blast of fresh air at the summit of Helvellyn.

From up here the view was spectacular." Ben Myers

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