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The Prodigy - New Album First Review
John Doran , November 28th, 2008 14:36

Long time Prodigy fan and self-confessed knackered old cheesy quaver, John Doran gets invited to the first listen of the new Prodge album 'Invaders Must Die'. Snap My Bitch Up: Paul Dugdale

We couldn't wait until next year to bring you news that the new Prodigy album is... wait for it... a bit of a corker.

[UPDATE: You can now read the full Quietus review of Invaders Must Die here.

Despite featuring some of the tired industrial tinged electro punk elements that have hamstrung their career since Fat Of The Land, this is mainly a satisfying and electrifying blend of crazed hardcore breaks, mentalist Essex boy mentasm vibes, serotonin pumping synth stabs and Roland-abusing acid house work-outs. It contains, from a dance fan's perspective, the best work they've done since Music For The Jilted Generation.

A probable single (but by no means the best track on the album) is 'Colours' featuring Morgan from Does It Offend You Yeah? on vocals. It's an electro call to arms which calls to mind Muse trying to tackle The Stranglers.

Much more punchy and satisfying is 'Run With The Wolves' that features another notable guest, Dave Grohl, who adds his thunderous drumwork to the mix.

The thing that had me rocking out at the playback, however, was the chicken oriental, radio rental, let's have it you Walthamstow mentalists 'Take Me To The Hospital'. Ford Cortina rave in full effect. This is what the Prodge should have been doing for the last decade. Piano led hardcore, with 'Out Of Space' chipmunk-style vocal samples, spicy Jilted Generation synths and vicious 'Firestarter' drum programming.

Luckily this isn't the only proper 21st Century Rave on offer as 'Warrior's Dance' and 'World's On Fire' really satisfy as well.

The mainstream press will probably be interested to know that the last track 'Stand Up' shows the band properly embracing their status as a mainstay of the festival circuit with a Primal Screaming Oasis do acid house arms in the air anthem.

Not an all time classic, but far better than most people might expect. Read the full review early next year.