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Hey Student! The Quietus Praises The Learners
John Doran , November 28th, 2008 10:43

For those about to learn - John Doran salutes you.

They smell terrible, they don't get up before two in the afternoon, the only thing they've learned of use in the last three years is how to smoke cannabis resin through an empty Fanta can when the Rizlas run out. They are permanently pissed, they lower house prices if they live next to you, they have fashion sense only comparable to the mentally diverse and the home deprived, they can barely string a sentence together and the only thing that would sort them out would be the reintroduction of national service. They're obsessed with traffic cones and watch too much reality TV and they pay for kebabs with cheques. But that's enough about people who work in the music industry* - we're here to praise this nation's early to bed, early to rise, propenents of learncore. Hails!

We haven't quite figured out how or why yet but The Quietus was awarded a 'Best Publication' gong at last night's Record of the Day Music Journalism and PR Awards which was voted for, apparently, by the students from across the UK.

The fact that real, actual people who like music voted for us above other magazines and websites makes us tumescent with happiness.

Students - we salute you.

*Only joking: congratulations to all of our writers, PR pals and publications who won or got nominated last night, especially Phil H whose Stool Pigeon got second prize for best publication, only trumped by the (admittedly awesome) Word magaazine. Also congrats to Simon Price, Pam from Fiction, Lewis from Hall Or Nothing, Nathan from Dog Day, Jon Savage, Pop Justice, Mike from Clash, Pennie Smith, Babs Charrone, our new friends at 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog, the girls at Bang On, Amanda Freeman and especially to the mighty Jude Rogers. Also cheers to Nicola and Paul at Record of the Day and our homeboy Lee Haynes at Velocity.