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New Enemy LP 'Like Elephant Glued To Mammoth'
Alex Denney , November 27th, 2008 13:47

Jam-referencing indie tykes get trunks in tangle over new record

tom clarke

"Imagine cloning a woolly mammoth and an elephant then gluing the two together and then getting AC/DC to ride the back of it with Noel Gallagher sitting on the trunk just having a little sing song with [Paul] Weller."

Congratulations, you've just imagined what indie clobberwits The Enemy's new album is going to sound like, according to a BBC interview with singer Tom Clarke.

The Coventry class warriors are currently recording the follow-up to their 2007 debut We'll Live And Die In These Towns with producer Mike Crossey.

The frontman also reported that the album was "big - very big" and "...sounding well good".

Clarke has been walking on his hind legs since approximately 1991.