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Choke and Cinema's Most Adventurous Book Adaptations
David Moats , November 24th, 2008 03:26

Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk's work is notoriously difficult to translate into film. Dave Moats reviews the latest adaptation Choke and collects the 10 most adventurous book to film adaptations.


The Shining

Just like with Lolita, Kubrick improves on the source material by remaining ambiguous instead of concrete. This is certainly the strength of films = the ability to not explain. It is never entirely clear in the film if the ghosts are real or in the family's head. OK, the ghosts are ostensibly real, but Kubrick is more interested in the psychological dynamic of three people isolated from the outside world than Indian burial grounds and psychic powers. King himself made a crap mini-series for American TV which was far more faithful to his original and ended up being the lame "haunted hotel" campfire story that the writer probably wanted, rather than the terrifying, halucinatory Oedipal nightmare Kubrick made.