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Zack and Miri And The Sex Industry On The Silver Screen
David Bax , November 21st, 2008 09:49

Can Kevin Smith regain his crown from Judd Apatow? David Bax doesn't think so. We also cast an eye over the numerous ways the sex industry has been portrayed on the big screen.


Sex: The Annabel Chong Story

A very dark but engaging documentary about the young porn star, and aspiring feminist, Annable Chong who famously set the record for largest gangbang (251 men in 10 hours which has since been superceded). Annabel claims that her work in Pornography undermines established gender roles but the camera's unflinching gaze captures the vulnerability underlying her words and self image. What makes the film so painful is how all of her colleagues, both pornographic and academic, completely buy into her story, or at least pretend to. Seeing Chong subject herself to this most unsexy ordeal with all the hundreds of eager men lining up outside should be enough to put anyone off porn for good. The final confrontation with her mother, who still doesn't know she is a pornstar despite her notoriety, is equally harrowing. Almost as grim as it gets.