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Zack and Miri And The Sex Industry On The Silver Screen
David Bax , November 21st, 2008 09:49

Can Kevin Smith regain his crown from Judd Apatow? David Bax doesn't think so. We also cast an eye over the numerous ways the sex industry has been portrayed on the big screen.


Paris, Texas

An Absolutely brilliant Wim Wenders film featuring career best performances from both the mighty Harry Dean Stanton and Natassja Kinski. The latter has all the magnetism of her father in this role, which is going some. The famous denouement, in which he can see her through a peep show one way mirror, but can't communicate with her, is a classic scene most recently referenced in the forthcoming Charlie Kaufman film. The music by Ry Cooder perfectly compliments the sprawling american landscapes and the achingly slow pacing.