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See Wayne Coyne Introduce Flaming Lips Film Christmas On Mars
The Quietus , November 3rd, 2008 16:13

Psychedelic Intronaut, Flaming Lips frontman and all round nice guy Mr Wayne Coyne introduces his film Christmas On Mars in London next month.

You can get to see a special screening of the decade-in-the-making shoestring sci-fi epic along with screen talk by the director afterwards at the Barbican on Friday December 12, Saturday December 13 and Sunday December 14.

The film (which was co-directed by Bradley Beesley, who shot the amazing 'Fearless Freaks' Flips documentary) has been compared to Eraserhead and Wizard Of Oz meets Dark Star (mainly by Coyne himself) and was shot in the director's backgarden in Oklahoma.

The story concerns Christmas on a newly founded colony on the red planet which is helmed by Major Styris (Steven Drozd), who is organising a pageant to celebrate the birth of the settlement's first space baby. Unfortunately, the oxygen system is shutting down, the space station is self-destructing and Santa has committed suicide in an airlock. Cue the arrival of a mysterious mute Martian (Coyne) who might just be able to save the holiday season. A dreamy soundtrack that echo’s TFL’s Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots completes this psychedelic sci-fi fantasy. With Fred Armisen, Adam Goldberg and Isaac Brock.

For ticket details visit The Barbican website.

Click below to see a gallery of stills from the film.