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Remembering Eraserhead, and 20 More of the Best Movie Posters Ever
Austin Collings , October 24th, 2008 14:30

With the long-awaited release of David Lynch's masterpiece Eraserhead on DVD region 2, Austin Collings misses the enigma of the original as opitomised in its iconic poster. Plus, The Quietus collects the other 20 most enticing posters of all time.


15. The King Of Comedy

A twisted paean to the luckless trials of the small man in the tetchily affected and effortlessly hostile world of TV, DeNiro’s infamously persistent and, strangely likeable, Rupert Pupkin, paved the way for the uncomfortable, grave-black humour of the likes of Larry David and Ricky Gervais. For some unusual reason this image is rarely (if ever) used on the video and DVD re-releases.