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Ringo Starr: Too Busy?
Toby Cook , October 13th, 2008 14:44

Peace and love, until October 20th at least.


So, after years of faithfully reading and replying to what we’re sure must have been mountains of fan mail, Ringo has finally had enough of “signing stuff”

The man once described by John Lennon as not even being the best drummer in the Beatles recently posted a video on his website, explaining his sudden turnaround.

“This is a serious message to anyone watching my messages right now, peace and Love”, begins Starr.

“Please, after October 20th do not send fan mail to any address that you have, nothing will be signed”

With even more ‘peace and love’ he unabashedly states that anything received with a post mark after the 20th will be binned as he simply has too much to do.

Perhaps this means there’s another series of Thomas the Tank Engine in the pie-line then?

Watch the full, and frankly quite funny, video statement at Ringo's website.