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Strokes Man Opens Restaurant
Luke Turner , October 13th, 2008 11:28

Celeb chop house to start serving in LA

Julian Casablancas

When they first arrived back at the beginning of the century, the Strokes might have seemed like a bunch of languid posh boys who could barely be bothered to light a fag and fuck a model - these days, though, they're a picture of hard Protestant labour. Albert Hammond Jr has his solo project and suit line, Fabrizio Moretti has Little Joy, Nick Valensi sired twins. Now frontman Julian Casablancas is to open his own restaurant.

Casablancas will be DJing at the launch of his Korean BBQ called, oddly enough, Shin, in Los Angeles tomorrow night. Exciting. Shin is co-owned by DJ and 'producer' Mark Ronson. Did they get the idea after watching series three of Curb?