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Bend Radiohead Into Shape With New Remix Site
The Quietus , September 23rd, 2008 11:37

After the success of the Nude Remix Project, Radiohead are giving fans the chance to (literally) add bells and whistles to 'Reckoner'.

"There has always been a four-to-the-floor element to our alienated glitch rock", seems to be the statement from Radiohead's camp today as they announced an ambitious new remix project.

After the overwhelming response to an earlier scheme, the Nude Remix Project, the Oxford quintet are giving fans the opportunity to rework 'Reckoner' a stand out song from In Rainbows, which was also featured in the Chuck Palahniuk scripted film Choke.

In order to get cracking with the rave sirens and Italo disco piano lines visit the site Radiohead Remix.

To make remixing easy, the separate ‘stems’ (or separate tracks) from the song will be available to purchase on iTunes. The ‘stems’ available are bass, lead vocal, backing vocals, guitars, piano/strings and drums. All six stems will be available to buy for the price of a single track. Fans can mix them in any way they like, either by adding their own beats and instrumentation, or just remixing the original parts.

Fans who purchase the ‘stems’ from iTunes during the first two weeks they're available, will be sent an access code to a GarageBand file ready to open in GarageBand or Logic. However, you don’t need GarageBand to do a remix, the stems are available in the DRM-free iTunes Plus format and compatible with several music software platforms.

Fans will then be able to subject themselves to the painful humiliation or the rapturous acceptance of peer judgement.

The Quietus has already started on a mix that includes the 'boo boo!' noise from Tina Marie's 'Feels Like I'm In Love', a sample of an actress whispering "I feel like my heart has been kissed by Jesus" from Altered States, a sample from Gary Numan's 'I Dream Of Wires' and a big bass tone that goes ba WAAAAAH ba WAAAAAH.!