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Tenebrous Liar - Tour! Tunes! Tittle Tattle!
John Doran , September 4th, 2008 10:24

News reaches us from a strip of parchment attached to some tumbleweed that the mighty, thrice nightly, Tenebrous Liar are releasing a new album and taking part in a giganto-tour of the UK (well, London and Cov).

A statement was issued by the admirable Admiral Steve Gullick saying: "Hello dear friends, the following is some information that may tickle your fancy concerning my attempts to become a guitar hero...

"In advance of the release of Tenebrous Liar's Last Stand (TV Records - 6th October), the band have launched a new website where you can preview three tracks from the new album, listen to songs from the bands previous releases & feast your eyes on the sheer visual beauty that is Tenebrous Liar. Here website here.

Tenebrous Liar live dates...


3 Coventry Taylor Johns House (w. Black Carrot + Goddam Ox)

5 London Brixton Windmill (w. Scul Hazzards + Uncle Ponto)

6 London 12 Bar Club (w. Cold Light Of Day + Debbie Leggo)

12 London The Luminaire (w. Cindytalk + John & Jehn)