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Metallica To Play Cut Price O2 Gig
The Quietus , August 21st, 2008 11:25


Metallica might not like you snaffling their music for free, but they're prepared to offer a bit of a deal on their live shows.

Tickets for the band's forthcoming O2 Arena concert will be sold for a measly £5, with even that money going towards good causes. A statement from the band reads thusly: "Because this is a celebration, tickets prices will be, shall we say, 'retro?' Only ten Euros for Berlin, five pounds in London! And the best part is that all the proceeds from the sale of tickets will be donated to local charities."

To get the cheap seats, fans will need to be registered with Mission Metallica or the Metallica fanclub. Interestingly enough, while the first is free to join, the latter requires payment. The band are yet to confirm how tickets will be made available - could it be that you'll have to either join the fanclub, or join the paid for Mission Metallica service, to get hold of the bargain berths? And what value, in marketing terms, of an email address? We wait and see.