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Hopper Does A Spector
Dean Samways , August 13th, 2008 07:55

Phil Spector

Inspiration can be taken from anywhere and anything. Here at the Quietus it’s mostly pulled out of alcoholic pools of thought at our local. For a while now Hollywood has turned to the music industry and its cult figures for a spark of artistic stimulation.

Not so long ago Johnny Depp took on the guise of an inebriated Keith Richards in those pirate films before Heath Ledger slapped on some make-up and did his best Sid Vicious impression, apparently, opposite the big bad bat. Now it has been announced that Dennis Hopper is to imitate legendary music producer Phil Spector.

The star of Apocalypse Now, Easy Rider and, that classic, Speed, is to play a Spector-esque music producer in an episode of the US TV show Crash, a small screen spin-off of the movie of the same name.

Hopper said his character is “totally out of his mind.”

“It's really amazing because we don't have any restrictions, like language problems or sexual problems; we can do anything we want and we're really out there."

Spector, the producer of The Ramones and the controversial Leonard Cohen album Death Of A Ladies' Man, has certainly led a life of excess and Hopper's character looks set to be as self-destructive.

“In my episode we had an orgy. I'm doing drugs all the time. I'm smoking grass. I'm having orgies. Hey it's music, it's rock 'n' roll baby. It's gonna be an eye opener.”

As of yet it’s not known when the episode starring Hopper will air in the US but the Quietus is certainly looking for forward to seeing Hopper pull off that mad Spector afro if the make-up department feel like a challenge.

Watch a snippet of Hopper playing a very mad photojournalist in Apocalypse Now below: