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Black Sky Thinking

Dub Be Good To Me. Why Burial's Identity Could Have Stayed Secret . . .
Cay McDermott , August 7th, 2008 17:24


It takes a certain sort of guy to be so totally batshit mental that Axl Rose chucks him out of his band. But then again, it takes a certain sort of guy to think that wearing a empty plastic KFC bucket on his head is the height of sartorial elegance. Buckethead-aka Mr. Brian Carroll (although allegedly only his mother calls him that) has been hailed as one of the world's greatest guitarists. He's also earned a reputation for being a prolific composer, having released 38 solo albums (the most notable being the soundtrack to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers film)-and performed on over 50 more. However, despite repeated attempts by various musical dignitaries to get to know the man behind the bucket, Buckethead still remains something of an enigma, although he can also be found going under the moniker of Death Cube K (an anagram of Buckethead) who rather imaginatively sports a black chrome mask and has reportedly appears in Buckethead's nightmares.