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Dub Be Good To Me. Why Burial's Identity Could Have Stayed Secret . . .
Cay McDermott , August 7th, 2008 17:24


MF Doom:
Yet another lover of the masked crusader look, MF Doom has been known to change his persona as often as his undergarments, going under several onstage names in his career including Zev Love X, King Geedorah, Metal Fingers and Viktor Vaughn. Taking inspiration from Spiderman's arch nemesis, Doctor Doom, he is rarely if ever seen without his trademark stocking over the head. Despite rumours currently abounding that MF Doom is working on further projects under his Viktor Vaughn and King Geedorah aliases, Mr. Doom has been rather quiet of late, perhaps because he's concentrating more on yet another of his personas-that of the loving husband and father of two teenager children.