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Dub Be Good To Me. Why Burial's Identity Could Have Stayed Secret . . .
Cay McDermott , August 7th, 2008 17:24


Daft Punk:
Daft Punk are a duo who have taken the art of 21st century on stage subterfuge to the next level. Lets face it, you can throw as many stockings, masks and buckets over your head as you like, but nothing can really compare to the masterstroke of sticking on a helmet choc-full of various flashing lights and going around pretending you're a robot. However, Daft Punk have always been fiercely guarded when it comes to their identities, making a very big deal of not being interviewed or photographed without some form of mask on, a line of thinking which has allegedly come in very handy when it comes to hiring goons to do their gigs for them whilst they charge the promoter a large sum of money for the privilege.