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Black Sky Thinking

Dub Be Good To Me. Why Burial's Identity Could Have Stayed Secret . . .
Cay McDermott , August 7th, 2008 17:24


Infamous scourge of Middle Englanders, no list of this ilk would be complete without some mention of Des Moines, Iowa's finest. Slipknot's rather fluid lineup along with their capacity to spark controversy wherever they go (in no small part due to their get up which means that band members tend to resemble Rastafarians in Gimp Masks) means that their identities have tended to be shrouded in secrecy and myth over the years. This in turn has led to some quite interesting stories springing up in their wake-with the most infamous being the one where two US teenagers were reportedly incited to commit acts of murder after repeated hearings to Slipknot's back catalogue and it's lexicon of lyrics obtained from Ouija boards. However recently, band members have been revealing the men behind the masks who-shockingly enough-aren't scaled creatures of the night with blood red eyes and 666 on their foreheads but actually pretty ordinary looking blokes.