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Dub Be Good To Me. Why Burial's Identity Could Have Stayed Secret . . .
Cay McDermott , August 7th, 2008 17:24


Relaxed Muscle:
Billed as the "sound of Young Doncaster," "Darren Spooner" and "Wayne Marsden" emerged fully formed from the minds of Jarvis Cocker and Jason Buckle in 2003. Claiming to have met each other whilst planting flowers when doing community service for burglary, they created a seedy musical world filled with tales of sex, gambling and the odd bit of domestic violence here and there. Part of Relaxed Muscle's questionable charm lay in Cocker wholeheartedly embracing the persona of Darren-a violent, wife-beating drunk with a nice sideline in karate chopping pieces of balsa wood and breaking sugar glass bottles on other band members heads whilst on stage. Relaxed Muscle's cover was eventually blown when Cocker and Buckle were unmasked when on stage resplendent in full eye make-up and skeleton suits which proves that one should never underestimate the eyesight of the British gig going public.