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Oasis For Wembley?
The Quietus , August 5th, 2008 12:34

The world turns, the seasons change, and with crushing inevitability Oasis are about to release yet another album of pioneering and innovative guitar rock.

'Dig Out Your Soul'(ticks all the Oasis boxes does that title) is out on October 6th. According to today's Sun, Oasis are planning a whopping world tour that might include a stop off under the arch of Wembley Stadium. Given that last time The Quietus heard Liam Gallagher sing his voice sounded like burnt bones rattling down a rusty chute of doom, we're in for a treat.

Anyway, the "source" told the Currant Bun that "The tour is bigger than anything the band have done before. They will be on the road for more than a year - possibly pushing 18 months.

"The dates could easily run into three figures and will take them around the world. It is on the kind of scale you would expect from The Rolling Stones. The fellas who have hatched the plan are very proud and excited."